Taliban Terrorists Leader and International Terrorist Group Affiliates


The United States and our coalition troops are engaged in an ongoing conflict against the Taliban and Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda is considering to be a terrorist organization, which is why they were added to the State Department’s list of designated international terrorist organizations. But despite this designation, Al Qaeda’s Afghanistan leader has remained invisible and well hidden. This is because Al Qaeda only wants to recruit from among educated Muslims, and it does not want to lose its hold over Afghanistan as a result of U.S. military operations.

However, Al Qaeda is also capable of attacking U.S. interests in the Middle East, as well as any Western target. In fact, Al Qaeda has placed some sleeper agents among the population in Afghanistan. They are attempting to build cells of supporters inside the United States, such as in Los Angeles. It appears that the Los Angeles area is a potential target due to the large number of U.S. troops based there. Also, according to the Wall Street Journal, some of these Al Qaeda cells may have even been plotting a series of attacks against the U.S. homeland.

So who is this elusive Al Qaeda leader? Well, he goes by several names. Abu Ahmed al-Kahyani is the name he goes by on the Internet. Some sources say he is Mustafa Ahmed, and others say he is Mohiburi Zafar.

Some Singapore news have suggested that he is actually Bin Laden, but none of this has been confirmed. Others believe that bin Laden died in a fire in Pakistan, and the group named after him has taken over the leadership of Al Qaeda. There is also a group called the Islamic Movement of Pakistan or SIM. All of these groups claim to be part of the international terrorist organization Al Qaeda.

So, what is the main goal of the terrorist group? Al Qaeda wants to topple the Western world’s governments and installing sharia law throughout the Muslim world. They want to turn the United States and her allies into Shi’ite Muslims ruled states. Many people believe bin Laden may have wanted this to happen, as he indicated during an interview with Al Jazeera, which you can see online at the link below.

The question is how can we know for sure if this man is Al Qaeda? Some speculate that he may be. Perhaps his father, who was a member of Al Qaeda, was killed in a drone strike. There is no proof, but it would certainly help explain how he came to lead an international terrorist group.

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