When Was Covid First Infected?


Recently I read an interesting book titled; “COVID-19: The First outbreak of encephalitis.” straits times Authors Susan Lordi and Michael L. Rosenfeld write about their discovery of the disease in chimpanzees. At first, there was no treatment for the disease, as the researchers were working on a vaccine to treat Salk Virus. It was discovered that a strain of a fungus called spirochete had become airborne and was circulating in the air, causing the disease. The researchers worked on identifying the disease, determining the source of the spores and learning about the importance of COVID.

When was COVID recognized? It was actually discovered by a team of scientists and physicians headed by Dr. Milton Erickson. Dr. Erickson recognized that there was a correlation between humans and chimpanzees, and that if the fungus was transmitted via sexual contact, it could be passed on from one species to another. He and his colleagues published a paper describing their discovery in a scientific journal. The paper described the first case of COVID in a non-human primate.

From that paper, the name of the disease was identified, and it was then referred to as encephalitis. It is important to remember that this disease only spread through contact with the infected individual. This case was the first of its kind, and still, more cases have not been identified. The reason for this is that the disease is still relatively new.

Over the years, other research teams have come up with different theories about how the disease spreads. While none of them are entirely accurate, they have been proposed based on the fact that in most cases, patients do not show any outward signs of the disease. In other words, they don’t suffer from the clinical manifestation of the disease, such as fever, headache, muscle aches, etc.

When was a covid first identified? Researchers speculate that the disease was first discovered in Chimpanzees and Dolphins. From these cases, the disease was dubbed ‘Chimpanz’ in the German language. However, the recent cases when it was discovered in non-human primates seem to be unique. The symptoms are remarkably similar to that which is seen in humans.

So, when was a covid first identified? It is believed that this disease was first diagnosed in the 1970s. Since that time, there have been over twenty different cases. Some of the symptoms have included high fever, lethargy, loss of appetite, loss of memory, and weakness. When the symptoms are coupled with the lack of apparent symptoms of encephalitis, it is often times the case that those involved actually contract the disease due to contact with an infected animal.

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